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Welcome to the Personal Gunner, a firearms shipping, receiving, clearing and delivery service. It is geared towards the informed consumer who knows firearms and what they want. This concept allows a buyer to search for and find the best deal online, get a background check done ( if they don’t have a Georgia Weapons Carry License) and have it delivered directly and discretely to them at the convenience of their home residence; currently the areas of operation are Stone Mountain, Decatur and certain parts of Atlanta.

The Process is relatively simple; upon choosing and buying the firearm it will be sent to a listed FFL (Federal Firearms licensee) Who will inform the buyer of its arrival, complete the requisite paper work, do an FBI background check and arrange for pickup or delivery to the buyer. If the buyer does not pass the background check the firearm will be returned to its point of origin and the buyer will be informed of the FBI’s decision.

To start the process, go to the website that you intend to purchase your firearm from; buy it, send the purchase information to the e-mail address below. Have the seller contact Mars Exulte at the number that is listed. The firearm will then be delivered to the FFL(federal firearms licensee)and the buyer will be notified by text and e-mail. Upon notification the buyer will receive a copy of the form 4473 to fill out and e-mail or fax back to the FFL. After the form is received a background check will be done thru the FBI NICS system and the buyer will be informed of the results, which are proceed, deny or delay. If the result is deny, the weapon will be returned to it’s point of origin.

This service is conducive to mitigating physical contact that is in-line with the governor’s and CDC guidelines to reduce the spread of the Covid 19 virus.

Transfer fee: $40 without a GA weapons carry license($35 with one)

Delivery fee: $50

Also, ammunition is available for purchase from a reputable local retailer upon request and can be included with the delivery.

Contact information: 470.717.2843

Fax: 810.396.6182

Email: Gunluvr1@Gmail.com